Footworks Dance:  How it came to be.
Shortly after I married my husband, Aaron, and graduated from Northwest Missouri State University, I found that jobs for a girl with an Ag Business degree in Clarinda, Iowa were few and far between.  During my job search, my heart ached to be back at the studio in college with my friends.  
Around the time I landed my first job (I ran a customer service department for a high end design company out of LA and A&E television New Market.  It was pretty cool), I sat Aaron down and told him that I thought I could make a dance studio work.  I've always been someone who loved teaching and I felt like I could bring something new to the area.  He was a lot more cautious than me, but I looked at a building and got everything lined up.
Footworks Dance opened in August of 2010 to about 40 students.  It was an absolute dream come true.  
After two years of teaching on my own (and starting our family), I looked around and felt like I was selling a lie.  What in the world was I teaching these kids?!  I reached out to one of my favorite mentors, Adonica Struhar from Spotlight Dance in Creston, and she suggested I attend Teacher Training School through the Dance Masters of America.  I went that first year, filled my head with a ton of information, and came home to share it with the students.  Around the same time, I had two dance moms (shout out to Colleen Comer and Erika Henke) with extensive gymnastics experience and between the three of us we added tumbling to the studio.
It took me a few years to get back to TTS, but I'm thrilled I did.  I completed the four year program and went through the rigorous testing process to earn a "Graduate" status, successfully completing Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern.   
It's fun to look back on the last ten years and remember the young person I was to begin with.  I had no idea I could be so brave and I am forever thankful for those parents who took a chance on me.  I've been blessed with luck ever since.
I have the best staff and they have all fallen into place with little work on my part.  Miss Michelle is one of the biggest blessings in my life.  She is a wonderful teacher, friend, and role model for our communities.  Miss Lauren is a well educated tumbler, passionate, and always up for a hug when a kid needs one.  Miss Amber is extremely talented and one of the sweetest people I've ever met. 
So, welcome to Footworks Dance.  We are a big family of people who love to teach, dance, and tumble.  We've come a long way in 10 years but one thing has never changed:  how much I care about our students.  
Welcome to the family,
Miss Shaylen
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